10 Valentine's Day Fun Facts And Trivia

It's never too early to start thinking about Valentine's Day. If you're in need of some inspiration here are some fun Valentine's Day facts to get your romantic juices flowing.

    1. Glasgow has been named as the city of love. This was because Royal Mail reported a huge bump in letters sent on the 13th of February, the day before Valentine’s Day. It seems the locals have a soft spot for Valentine's Day.
    2. Around the world, more than 50 million roses are gifted on Valentine's Day. And, around 1 billion cards are sent. In fact, it is one of the biggest holidays for flower sales, only matched by Mother's Day.
    3. While Valentine's Day chocolates seem like a staple these days, they haven't been around for all that long. They were only invented in the late 1800s by Richard Cadbury.
    4. Valentine's Days can be wonderful and romantic occasions. For some people, though, Valentine’s day is much more than just an excuse to buy gifts. More than 200,000 wedding proposals are made each year on February 14th.
    5. On average, men spend around double the money than women do on Valentine's Day. This doesn't mean that women don't care; they just tend to give more homemade gifts.
    6. If you buy a Valentine's Day gift for your pet, you are not alone. Around 9 million people give their pets a special something in February 14th. You said you need to be in a relationship to celebrate Valentine's Day?
    7. February 14th was declared to be Valentine's Day by Pope Gelasius in 498AD.
    8. In the 17th century, Scots showed their affection on Valentine's Day by giving each other Luckenbooth brooches. These brooches were made of silver and depicted two entangled hearts.
    9. The church of Blessed John Duns Scotus in Glasgow has a small wooden box that is said to contain the remains of the original St. Valentine. Of course, it's not the only church in the world that claims to have these remains, but still definitely worth a visit.
    10. Ringing up your beloved to wish them a happy Valentine's Day is surprisingly appropriate. Both Alexander Graham Bell and Elicia Gray submitted their patents for the telephone on February 14th, 1876.
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